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A warm welcome to everyone!

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Born in Paris, I received a traditional Portuguese education, notably attending one of the largest Portuguese communities in the world: the Catholic community of Gentilly.

In 2011, I decided to move to Lisbon and return to my roots, after having completed my Masters in International Business. In 2012, an international journey followed with new roles in Brazil (Florianópolis), Argentina (Buenos Aires), Australia (Sydney), and England (London)


My professional career started in a multinational where I decided to leave to embrace international projects with a first contract in the Iberian Peninsula based in Lisbon in 2011. A career that in 2014 would become entrepreneurial with ventures to date in diverse areas such as wellness, real estate, beverages, food service, energy, and sustainability.

A journey in my image, with interests in various areas, with the greatest success in Portugal being the creation of the pioneering company in the field of Industrial Hemp: Green Swallow.

This company will turnover approximately 1 million euros in its first year of activity, making it one of the most promising start-ups in Portugal. This continued until the Public Prosecutor's Office, ASAE, PSP and Judiciary Police pursued me and my company, illegally seizing for more than two years up to a hundred thousand euros of products and accusing me three times of drug trafficking, even against the judicial decisions of one of the pillars of Portuguese democracy: the Court of Justice.


My main objective in this candidacy for the Presidency of the Portuguese Republic is to end the traumas of our dictatorship that still persist within our institutions and mentalities.

In my sad legal odyssey, I have encountered many employees who do not believe in the very institutions they represent, or who even boast of denying the rights of Portuguese and European citizens.

It is essential to motivate and refocus the employees of our country who, we remember, are privileged because they do not have to produce, but to organize our economy. We have to create conditions for them to dignify the state institutions.

Creating strong control of state institutions is a high priority to fight and end corruption, which is unfortunately too integrated within the Portuguese ecosystem. It is possible, indeed, as long as we believe and do not accept it.

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